Food: The Sandwichon

I am game for most any kind of food around. And I’m not one to go by looks alone but there is one food I don’t think I can ever stomach: a local Yucatán favorite called “sandwichon”. I think the part that gets me is the mayo frosting and I’ve had a bit of an aversion to mayonnaise since I was a kid. The insides aren’t too bad but I think my butt would explode if I ate this.

Here’s a recipe. You tell me if you like it.


2 loaves of white bread with out the ends

1 lb of ham, to taste

1 lb Manchego cheese

1/2 of American cheese

1 can of evaporated milk

1 bell pepper (normally red)

1 can of peas

1 can of Jalapeño chillies


Heavy cream


1. First liquefy the evaporated milk, American cheese and cream, making an orange-ish, yellow mix. Set aside.

2. On a tray, lay out the slices of bread, about 2 or 3 rows for the length of the tray and wet with milk.

3. Spread cream cheese on top of this layer and put a layer of ham on top of that.

4. Place another layer of bread and repeat step 3 but instead of ham, put a layer of Manchego cheese. Keep alternating layers with ham and cheese.

5. When you get to the final layer of bread, instead of spreading cream cheese, spread a nice layer of mayonnaise mixed with the heavy cream until you cover the sides, like a cake.

6. Adorn with the bell peppers, peas and Jalapeños.

7. Chill until ready to serve.



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