Mexico: Popular Names

I had lived in Mexico City for 10.5 years and in Cancun for five. It’s a country that never ceases to amaze for just the sheer levels of folklore.

On the Yucatán Peninsula, I am just amazed when I see people who look like they walked straight out of ancient Mayan codices.

And then, there are the names.

In the center of the country, you get popular last names like Sánchez, Perez and Gonzalez.

Here you can find Pech, Uc and Tuk.

And the beauty of it all: the first names.

Princess Diana was a beloved character, not only in her native country, but also in Mexico. So much so that she inspired many a baby girl to be called, “Leydi”. There are also more common names like Brandon, Bryan and Jhonny (and no, that is not a misspelling).

What I found interesting was that Keiko is a name that was given to an Orca, who was well-known in Mexico. Apparently, for that very reason, the name “Keiko” has become the equivalent of the American “Bertha”, a reference to an overweight woman.

Pretty bizarre.


2 thoughts on “Mexico: Popular Names

  1. I am sure the Yucatán ladies do not look not much different than my fellow Nascar Man Whale friends and relatives…lol The funny thing is inAlabama, is that if you try to stay healthy and keep all your teeth…you’re just a snob. I may steal “Keiko” from you and work that into the daily lingo!

    • I was just thinking that the first guy I fell in love with has now lost a lot of his front teeth (boozing) and is pretty Keiko now. What 10 years will do to you…. Hee. I think just for that, we need to go drinking at a local truck stop and start brawling with the other bar patrons, prevent “healthiness”, as it were.

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