Sports: Lance Armstrong and Drug Testing


Lance Armstrong and the End?

I’m a bit of a romantic. I say this in a sports-oriented post because I believe that when you start a sport, whether it is as a kid on the kickball field or as an adult trying to start good habits late, there should always be that fundamental desire that you do it because it’s fun. Because you want to do it. Because you like how it makes you feel when you do.

Who the hell wants to go to work knowing that all the money that you, your sponsors, your manager and your team will make so that kids can eat, you can have a house and still pay your bills all depend on the seconds you can take off between you and the next guy?

I don’t condone doping. But I know people who do it and they aren’t necessarily Olympic athletes.

I’m not a scientist, nutritionist nor readily adept to give advice on anatomy. What I do know is that body mechanics is genetic. Your body can naturally do things that maybe another’s can’t. There are people who can freedive and retrieve things from the ocean floor, meters down. There are people who can hit three-pointers one after another. And I assure you, give 100 people Armstrong’s training routine, you will see better times but you will not see another Lance.

May be he did dope. Only Armstrong and his conscience will know for sure. Other cyclists say he maintained superhuman speeds that you can’t get if you weren’t doping.  But what I do know is that he put in the time. He did the distance and he did it seven times.

And when he won those times, I’d like to think it was still that little kid who liked riding his bike around who won and not the publicity machine that turned his life and body into a battleground.


4 thoughts on “Sports: Lance Armstrong and Drug Testing

  1. Nice Post…it’s a shame what some people do to win. I do think he is a good guy nut I know he was doping…lol. I wrote about his FRS drink on my blog, you should check it out it’s kinda funny! Nice Post!

  2. If you like something you will work hard, as stated Fumiko. whether he did or did not, I cam say I would do the same in his shoes. Tired of fighting tired of litigating. I too would have tossed in the towel. Those who love Lance will stick with him. Those who don’t can now fall by the wayside, along with there woes of false accusations. He is Lance Armstrong. That will never.change

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