Movies: El Santo vs The Martian Invasion

There are few movie personalities that capture the attention of the public so keenly as that of a grown man in hot pants, tights, boots, a cape and a mask.

El Santo was a lucha libre fighter, long before Nacho Libre came along, and aside from his fantastic stint in the ring, he was also on the silver screen. Not the most Academy-garnering of actors but he was refreshingly interesting.

The only movie I watched was “El Santo vs. La Invasión de los Marcianos” (El Santo vs The Martian Invasion) and I need to do a play-by-play of my favorite scene.

The Martians realized that El Santo and the humans have cottoned on to the fact that they are from another planet.

El Santo vs The Martian Invasion

El Santo vs The Martian Invasion

Perhaps wearing chamber pots on their heads wasn’t such a good idea.

So they calculated with devastating precision that they must change their appearance.

“Come,” says the capitan. “Let us go into the transformation chamber.”


We see a door that leads to a control booth (similar to a sound booth) with a long window in front.

The Martians file into the room and stand in front of the window. The room fills with smoke.

The door suddenly opens….

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