Sports: The Hulk vs JLo

Like everyone else in the country, I was watching the Mexico – Brazil gold Medal game in the London Olympics 2012. There was a whole hella lot of nail-biting, groaning, screaming and wild cheering.

Then a Brazilian player named the Hulk came onto the field and had a corner kick

He turned sideways.

I didn’t catch the face but I sure as hell caught that profile.

He can seriously give JLo and Beyonce a run for their money.

Hulk Brasil

The Hulk from Brazilian Soccer Team. Couldn’t find a decent picture of his ass. WHY THE HELL AREN’T THEY LOOKING?


4 thoughts on “Sports: The Hulk vs JLo

    • He was only in the game all of two minutes when he scored Brazil’s only goal and it looked like he tore through to hit it. And to be honest, I didn’t think he was all that and then that profile almost poked me in the eye! I would not like to be in the way when he runs you on a fast break.

      And yes, he is a great player!

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