Stories from the Red Chair: A Romantic Moonlit Night

He was insistent about going to the beach during the full moon and so we met up, bought wine, cheese and crackers and headed down to the beach.

We picked a very secluded spot and the moonlight was shimmering and lovely on the water.

What was not lovely was the fact that he was receiving calls on his ell phone from, I suspect, very jealous admirers.

In a brief interlude between calls, we sat very close to each other and he started by saying he wanted to ask me something but he didn’t know how to breach the subject.

I leaned in.

He looked like he was trying to find the words.

“Have you ever felt like there was an emptiness within you and you don’t know what it is?”

“Um…yeah,” I replied, with a bit of hesitation. Very philosophical cooing, I must admit. I wasn’t sure what to think.

He looked like he had gained a bit of ground.

“I want to take away that emptiness.”

Ho damn.

When he said that, though, I had a bit of a foreboding waft in. If this had been me a couple of years before, I would have been bouncing off the walls. But I knew better.

And then he said it:

“I want to bring you closer to God.”

The “date”, needless to say, ended within 15 minutes of that comment, after I had duly explained that should I need spiritual counseling, I will by all means seek him out.

I did not explain that this may happen in some other lifetime.


2 thoughts on “Stories from the Red Chair: A Romantic Moonlit Night

    • I know, right? It was pretty sad. I learned that later he wanted to get married to a girl only to get her out of her house and be more like me and that he got another girl pregnant. DRAMA!

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