Stories from the Red Chair: Toilet Paper

I started swim classes and had bought a really functional but sexy swimsuit from Speedo. It was white (highly unusual) with more cut out from the waist area for a very sexy cut. That combined with the fact that there was a very cute swim instructor, I was set for a bit of flirting.

I went to the bathroom to change and came back out. I saw the instructor and was happily chatting with him when he had to turn and talk to someone else. I stood there, pleased with myself when a girl from my class called me over. I was thinking maybe she was a bit jealous of my talking to the instructor. I floated on over to her and she motioned me to come in closer.

What I didn’t realize (and that this girl saw) was that since I live in a city with very hot and humid climate, you sweat more from every single pore. So when I got up from the toilet seat, I had not realized that I had not peeled off all the paper that I had lined the seat with.

I had stood that whole time, talking with my cute instructor with toilet paper lining the back of my thigh.


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