Stories from the Red Chair: Photos

I had taken photos for work but didn’t a card slot on my work computer so I had to use my assistant’s computer to transfer the photos and put them on my external hard drive. So he sat back as I worked on his computer

Now, I have two files for photos: one called “Photos” and the other called “Personal Photos”. In Personal, I had all the photos of the birthdays, triathlons and things. Without thinking, I opened a window for my hard drive and clicked the first one that said “Photos”.

The reason why I had another very innocently named file called “Photos” was to evade the fact that this file actually contained rather erotic photos of my ex and I, after having a bout of phenomenal sex.

I felt the mouse nearly flip over in my hand as I tried to quickly close the window of miniature photos.

I so hope he didn’t see.


Disclaimer: You will forgive me if I don’t post the corresponding photos.


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