Mexico: Bakeries in Mexico City (Pasteleria Ideal)

Hot Rolls

Hot Rolls. Just the way Mom used to make ’em.

I’ve always been fascinated by food. It’s a love affair that I’ve been openly having since I was a little kid. My mom used to bake bread to support us and I remember she would sometimes make a batch for us. When the rolls would come out, they would be so hot that my brother and I would cradle them in our shirt-fronts, until they would cool off a little, but only a little. The first bite, steam mixing with fluffy airy bread, was always heaven on earth.

When I first arrived to Mexico, I was surprised that they were similar to Japanese bakeries. You go in, get a tray and a pair of tongs, pick up the pieces you want and pay at the register. As with all things, there are good bakeries and bad bakeries.

My favorite in Mexico City was one called Pasteleria Ideal. My classmates from my Spanish class and I always wondered where that fabulous bakery was, where all those people with white paper-wrapped packages tied up with string would come from.

Does it sound like a song? When you step over the threshold, you’ll think you’ve gone to pastry heaven.

Pasteleria Ideal

Pasteleria Ideal. The boxes for those bigger purchases.

There are two in the Centro Historico area. Both have this fabulous display upstairs that look like a museum of cakes. Bride and groom figurines. Glittery hearts with the number “15” in the center. Babies in frosting. Superheroes bursting through. There you can find these towering cake constructions (fake) that you can take a look at and say, “Yes, I’d like a running fountain in the middle of my cake. Tiers, you say? Oh fabulous! I’ll take two!”

I still to this day wonder what kind of people would buy these cakes. And thoughts like that are what make me feel like regardless of the occasion, one day I MUST BUY ONE!

Cake Room Ideal

Cake Room at Pasteleria Ideal in Mexico City. Rooms of ridiculously insane cakes.


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