Swimming: The Speedo Hip Rotator Belt

For all my tri and swim buddies, this one is for you.

Just recently, I sat myself down and looked my problems straight in the eye: I can’t swim fast. At all.

So I did a video of myself in the pool because  seeing as that I’ve been swimming for four years, I should be going as fast as my companions.

And I’m not.

So I broke down and contacted Kevin Koskella and asked him to look at my video.

Verdict? Aside from my head position, everything else was pretty crap.

Speedo Hip Rotator

Speedo Hip Rotator: Buzz Lightyear, watch out!

One of my problems was that hips were too flat in the water so I decided to correct that and dusted off the Speedo Hip Rotator.

I’m a Gadget Queen. I like tech and tools but to be completely honest, I never knew what I needed the rotator for until that golden moment when I got that assessment of my swim. This belt was probably collecting dust for a good three years.

It’s basically a thick belt with Velcro which you first have to belt on you. Then you pull out the little orange shark fins and stick them on. It’s pretty thick Velcro so I’ve never had them slide or fall off.

Before, when I didn’t know what the rotator was for, I would take it to the pool, look like a very warped version of Buzz Lightyear and try not to hit the orange fins.

Now that I know, I make a very conscious effort to turn my hips while I concentrate on my stroke. It is almost to the point of exaggerating the turn of the hips.

I like pretending I’m a washing machine when I do that, kind of like a swimming version of Glenn Close in that scene from “The Stepford Wives”, when she gives “exercise” class and they all daintily move like a washing machine.

Why turning your hips while you swim through with your stroke (think washing machine) is important is because it helps propel you. You cut through the water easier and you’re not fighting. My arms and legs were working a little too hard and weren’t helping me get anywhere fast.

Now to work on the rest of it.

God, I train too much to go this slow, dammit. I DESERVE TO GO FAST!

I’ll keep you updated.

The Stepford Wives - Glenn Close

Glenn Close as Claire Wellington in “The Stepford Wives”. Very Stepford….


3 thoughts on “Swimming: The Speedo Hip Rotator Belt

  1. Ohh….I have been swimming for years too…and not as fast as I think I should be. So you wear this and the idea is to have the fins point upward when your on that side? I am assuming you need another video to make sure your hitting the mark? I have never seen this thing before….but them again, I wasn’t looking.

    • It’s a funny contraption. The point of it is that when you bring your hand back through the stroke, your hips should have turned so that your hand can clear that side. The fins are so that you know that you’ve cleared it with a substantial margin. So yes, they should be pointing up. I like purchasing all sorts of knick knacks but normally, things like this don’t come with an instruction manual so I never really knew how to use it.

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