The Alpha Moment: Mexico

I had studied Spanish for four years in high school and another two in university. When I graduated, however, I realized that my Spanish was pretty pathetic so instead of being Emo-depressed, I decided to go to Mexico and learn. The original plan was to stay nine months, go back to the boyfriend and get into a master’s program.

The boyfriend and I broke up, I got accepted into the master’s program for International Relations at the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and what was supposed to be nine months have now turned into 16 years.

I can honestly say that the best and worst moments of my life happened in this country. There is a charm about Mexico that doesn’t always read as such because people get blindsided by murders and shark attacks. There are problems here, like anywhere. I just choose to have a different perspective on it. Besides, where else can you find a cotton candy vendor making his wares in a hood-less machine, where the paper cone he uses to twirl up the candy doesn’t catch all of it and cotton floats off into the air where passerbys pluck floating pink clouds out of the air and the telephone cables above are laden, as if it were snowing pink?

André Breton, French surrealist, was said to have left the country after a long stay, supposedly saying, “I will never return to Mexico. I cannot stand being in a country that is more surreal than my paintings.”

Cotton Candy Vendor

Cotton Candy Vendor Somewhere in Mexico


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