The Alpha Moment: Fashion

When I was a kid, I remember watching my dad getting dressed for work. He had a certain order to things. Shirt first. Buttoned. Then pants. But he had to pull them up a second time to make sure the shirt lay straight. Then the belt. And then the tie about the upturned collar.

Hugo Boss Suit Label

Hugo Boss Suit Label

My brother and I would rummage about dad’s closet and I remembered thinking what a lousy name “Hugo Boss” was for a brand.

My father doesn’t dress in designer clothing anymore. The pants he most takes a shine to are a pair that have a pattern that reminds me of a sushi box. They look like dark green, brown and blonde streaks but it’s hard to tell with corduroy.

And it was in Mexico that I met Amy. Fabulous Amy who went to art school and would wear platforms with a green mermaid dress she could hardly walk in, it was so tight, and hair that was B52-ed. This was regular school wear in the art world. I was already into hats when I met her but she introduced me to the world of vintage and that opened a whole new realm to me.

I already had a certain style formed but she had the Ph.D. in Fabulous.

Borrow from the best. I certainly have.



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