The Alpha Moment: The Writer

Hello Kitty Diary

Hello Kitty Diary

When I was little, my parents had gotten me a Hello Kitty diary. My dad told me to write in it and I did it begrudgingly.

That was the start of a “girl-meets-boy-girl-loses-boy-girl-doesn’t-give-a-rusty-rat’s-ass-if-boy-doesn’t-come-back-boy-comes-back-and-won’t-leave” sort of relationship with writing.

When my father started reading my diary out loud to his friends, I decided that writing would stop right then and there.

That changed in university. I was having a very difficult time trying to write for English 101, with the minimalist upbringing I had. I had ingrained in me that answers had to succinct and unemotional and having to write five pages every two weeks was absolute torture.

That was when Tracy, my first year roommate, introduced me to what she called “garbage writing.”

“Write whatever you feel,” she said. “Don’t worry about mistakes or structure. Just write it.”

And just like that, she freed me from the feelings that I had suppressed for 18 years.

Destiny is a strange thing: I understand now that she needed to be there for all this to happen; that I needed to be closed off in order to write like I do now. That life had to be pretty crap for me to understand that it is now pretty damn fabulous.

Being truthful inspires me. And I write about it. A lot.

A couple of years back, I was looking for an online tutorial for bridal makeup and came across this girl Lauren Luke on YouTube. Bubbly sort of girl with a fabulous accent, I just saw a recent video of hers and it made me want to post about it. Because you need to address the facts and all I can say is, I’m proud of her. Take a look at that first video I saw of hers and the most recent one.


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