The Alfa Moment: Why?

I’m not one for reading blogs much. The reason being is that sometimes I go about it a little too practically. I’m usually looking for information. I get it. I leave. And what gets my goat sometimes is that there are all these people who write as if life is always a very happy occurrence.

It’s not. And I’m not about to waste time, pitching that it is.

I just read a blog from an Australian model. I can’t relate because though she’s saying that she’s had her off-days, her page is covered with fashion shots and her taking runway-perfect photos in the mirror of herself.

Off-days my ass. Take photos of yourself on your off-day and post it. I dare you.

So instead of trying to write something that is very Susie Sunshine (which I am not), I’ve decided to fire off my gripes and my realities as often as I can about all the topics that move me: introspection, triathlons, competitions, food, fashion, hats, movies, Mexico and travel.

I don’t like sugar-coating anything. And I’ve decided I want to stick to the facts and stay real. Tarantino once said that maybe you’ve got a scene to do but on the way to the studio, your dog gets hit by a car. Even though it’s not in the script, you have to work that in or else it’s not real. And that kind of reality strikes a chord within me.

A reality that in this day and age of Tweeting while seated in front of an actual person, we are losing sight of everyday unless we mark the boundaries and say, “hell no.”

So I invite you to talk to that person sitting next to you and establish an actual relationship with someone. It ain’t hard and the world may be a better place for it.

Sorry! by Banksy

Sorry! by Banksy


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